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Sing Bingo – What will be the bonuses like?

Rumor has it that, just as we were settling in to enjoy all the great new 2010 offerings on the online bingo circuit, the next new arrival is due for release soon. Reportedly a Dragonfish offering the new site, or to be specific Sing Bingo, will be a younger sibling to present industry movers and shakers of the likes of Costa Bingo. The music themed site is then sure to have pretty big shoes to fill and rightly so considering the ultra competitive marketplace that will serve as nursery for the little one.

2010 has been a watershed year for the online bingo industry (and will no doubt continue to be) with several of the most significant developments in years having taken place in the last 6 months. The sites that have gone live this year have been the driving force behind an unprecedented industry renewal and rejuvenation drive that has seen the bar raised to unheard of levels of service and product excellence. And one year old Costa Bingo is a prime example of the new generation of no-nonsense, service orientated operators that form the present landscape. Sing Bingo will surely not fall behind.

So it would be reasonable to assume that Singbingo will continue to carry the trend forward and its release is being punted as being a strong runner for the most meaningful of the year. Now considering the giants that have gone live so far that is saying something! Speculation around the campfire is that Sing Bingo will feature both 90 and 75 ball bingo in an environment where free bingo play will enjoy a center stage position. One thing for sure, we are expecting another innovation in terms of free bingo, free bingo games and no deposit bingo bonuses. After all, Sing Bingo is Costa Bingo’s little brother.

As with most pre-release speculation it will remain just that until the big day that Sing Bingo goes live, but if the present uncompromising environment and the Dragonfish Network’s lofty reputation is anything to go by then most of the hype could realistically be taken to the bank. Either way you look at it, this new bingo song is sure to be interesting to listen to to say the least.

So stay tuned for more info about Sing Bingo – the new and probably free bingo site to be launched soon at or


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